Do I need a drivers licence?
No, driver’s licence is not required.
A What is the max speed?
The speed of ElekGo scooter’s max speed is 25 km/h.
How to start a ride?
Scan the QR Code, lift up the support leg and you are good to ride.
What to do if an unsuccessful bank card transaction happens?
Please contact us at or request through our app.
Can I ride through red zones on the map?
Can I start a ride in a red zone on the map?
Yes, ride will start only when you are on a pause mode.
Can I finish a ride in a red zone on the map?
No, you will not be able to end ride in red zone. there will be a fee of 1000 Rs charged from Your account.
I cannot start a ride, application requests to have at least 150 Rs. in e-wallet.
Please top-up e-wallet with minimum amount of 150 Rs.
Can I go out of GREEN ZONE?
Yes, but you only allowed 15 min in outside of red zone. ElekGo scooter will be immobilized after 15 min.
What I should do to change Elekgo scooter when battery is drained?
You can Request from the app to change battery, in 15 min. battery will be swap and you good to go.

All about Scooters

How to use ElekGo scooter?

Unlocking: Once you have found and are already on the scooter, in the ElekGo App unlock it either by scanning the QR code on the steering or by entering the device number displayed on the scooter manually. If the outside is dark, while scanning the code, you can turn on the your phone’s flashlight with a dedicated button on the App. If necessary, the selected scooter can also be reserved using the corresponding application function. Reservation of up to 10min. is free. One account user can unlock one scooter at a time.

Getting started: To ride the scooter, first spring with your foot and then start pressing the throttle. Start the journey slowly to get used to the acceleration and braking process.

Stopping and Parking: For the safety of others and yourself, please make sure you park your scooter in the Green area indicated by the ElekGo App. When parking the scooter after driving, leave it in a ElekGo Station that does not obstruct pedestrians and other vehicles. The scooter must not be parked in the underground parking lots, tunnels and red areas specified in the ElekGo App. Make sure that the scooter does not block ramps, entrances and exits from buildings and gates, as well as cycle paths. To end the trip, place the scooter according to the rules and press “End trip” in the app. You will be asked to take a photo of the position of the scooter and send the photo through the application – this will help the next user to find it easier.

How to pay for the trip?
When registering in the ElekGo application, you must add your bank payment card information. You can do this in the “Wallet” section or by scanning the QR code of any scooter if you have never used one before.
From then on, you can continue to pay for each trip with the added card (the amount is automatically deducted at the end of the trip) or top up the credit in your ElekGo “Wallet”. The amount added to the ElekGo Wallet takes priority over direct payment from your card. If you want to top up your ElekGo Wallet”, then select the amount in the “Wallet” menu and press the “Top Up” button. Minimum ElekGo balance should be 150 rs.
Do I have to pay if my Scooter is stolen?
In the event of the scooter being stolen, you will only be liable if you do not close the scooter by clicking “End Trip”. You are responsible for scooters from the moment they are turned off until the moment they are locked in the ElekGo App.

What if the Scooter is not where it is shown on the map?
A poor telephone signal can affect the detection of the scooter. Sometimes the scooter can be located 50-100 m from the location shown on the map. This does not happen often, however, sometimes the GPS signal is not accurate.
Look around, it is also possible that a previous user has tried to drive with it without unlocking or hiding indoors. Look behind the big objects. In the application it is possible to “beep” the scooter, which could help you find it!
If you still can’t find the scooter, please notify us by clicking “Lost” in the ElekGo App.
Where can I finish the trip?
Once you have reached your destination, complete the journey, making sure you are in the Green area, the parked scooter should not disturb pedestrians and other vehicles, as well as should not obstruct any gates, exits, public areas. Then press the “End Trip” button.
Is ElekGo nature friendly?
By using an electric scooter, you move in an environmentally friendly way, because this vehicle does not produce harmful emissions, such as carbon dioxide (CO2). When driving with ElekGo scooters, you avoid unnecessary congestion in the urban environment, as well as you can travel short distances faster. If you need to get to the city where walking seems far away, but the bike is not available to you, then scooters are the real helpers!
How to use elekgo app?
  • Download the ElekGo App to your phone from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Register by entering your details, phone number and confirm the registration with the received SMS code.
  • Attach a bank payment card. The app will tell you up front how to do it.
  • Find the ElekGo Scooter you need on the ElekGo App map. If you wish, you can book the selected vehicle for up to 10 minutes free of charge. You can make a reservation and find information about the charge level / prices by clicking on the icon of the respective device on the map.
  • Start driving. When you are next to the respective vehicle – press the “Start trip” button. The device will unlock automatically and be ready for use.
  • End of trip. When looking at the Fiqsy App on the map, make sure you are in the Green Zone allowed for the vehicle. Press the “End trip” button

How to pay for the trip?
The fee for the used service will be automatically deducted from your ElekGo “wallet” or the attached bank payment card, if there are not enough funds in the wallet to pay for the service.
What if I can't pay for the trip?
  • Make sure your card allows internet payments
  • Make sure you have enough money on the card
  • Open the app, top up your wallet and move on!