Home improvement is now becoming a popular business in the market. Usually, people are now choosing interior designing, decorating, or even painting as their profession.   

Home improvement product sales are expected to grow at an average of 3.9% per year. It could even go beyond that in the coming years. Like any other business, this profession also needs a proper promotion. Here comes content marketing in the picture.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a part of digital marketing in which professionals create and distribute valuable and relevant content. It’s not about brand promotion or the product, but about offering crucial information to build user engagement. This marketing approach is an ethical way to get lead generation.

Content marketing key aspects:

Audience-centric approach: It is crucial to understand the preferences of your target audience. It helps in crafting highly relevant content for them. Creating the content as per their specific need and interest is crucial.

Valuable content creation: It’s about developing content like blog posts, articles, and videos to offer value to the audience. Here, the content aims to engage and resonate with the audience’s interests and pain points.

Multi-channel distribution: Content sharing and distribution on the various platforms helps wider audience reach. This aspect is helpful in lead generation for home improvement

Organic Visibility: SEO-optimized content is always helpful in refining organic visibility. The content-carrying solution to the audience problem ranks well and attracts more traffic.

Home improvement content marketing tips:

Blog post 

The high-quality blog post on the home improvement topic will help you gain market attention. However, blogs are not just about content stories. It must include product images and photos to increase the reader’s engagement.


Video is an ethical weapon to showcase your things. It is good to show the products within the home settings.

Gated content:

This kind of content is to generate more leads. There will be a form on the website that will ask users to fill in their names and other details. In return, it will give access to content like ebooks, white papers, and case studies.

User-generated content:

The user-generated content on the product page can improve the conversion up to 64%. Showing testimonials on the product page will also build trust in your viewers.

Email content:

Email marketing is a popular marketing concept to reach your audience through email newsletters. You can utilize the same for home improvement businesses through email marketing softwares.

Whether you specialize in home renovations, landscaping, or home maintenance, an effective email campaign can showcase your services and engage your audience.

If you’re targeting the Baltimore area, reaching out to property owners and property managers Baltimore through tailored newsletters can be a powerful way to establish your presence in the local market.


Sharing interactive content is the best way to reach your audience. It is usually shared on social media which helps in reaching a wider audience. The best tool to create quizzes is Qzzr. However, it is important to include the relevant product image and brand name.

SEO Content: 

About 50% of online shoppers use a search engine for their product search. That is what compels professionals to optimize the content with keyword phrases. It helps users to find highly relevant content according to their search query. Other than that, optimizing the GMB profile is also a good option.

The same can happen for home improvement businesses. You can optimize the website content and create a GMB profile for your customers. It is an effective way to gain home renovation leads.

Content ideas for home improvement:

  • FAQ: If you have a website for your home improvement business, then it’s good to include an FAQ page. This page contains all the questions and answers associated with home improvement businesses for users’ convenience.
  • DIY Tutorials: Offer expert DIY tips for various projects. Here, you get the opportunity to link to pages featuring your accessories.
  • Case study: It features the project you have worked on in the past. It also demonstrates the product quality and services.
  • Discount: Many search engine queries revolve around saving money. Including special discounts also adds extra value to the content. Hence, including a special discount at the end is good.

Last word:

Marketing content is a crucial marketing approach to build a trusting relationship with your end customers. Home improvement involves a direct customer relationship concept. So, content marketing is the best way to convey your valuable information. Moreover, it leads to customer engagement, brand awareness, and conversions.

Content marketing is the best way to generate home improvement leads. Thus, professionals must use it in the right way.